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Every year, millions of tonnes of fabric end up in landfill. The chemical dyes and glues used to make them leach into the earth's soil and contaminate it. The fabrics release greenhouse gases as they breakdown and contribute to climate change.

Many of those fabrics thrown out are as good as new because they are new. They've been discarded as offcuts too small to be used, or they've been thrown out because of slight imperfections. 

Here at Offcut we breathe new life into discarded fabrics destined for landfill. Whether they're remnants, misprinted, end-of-line, or even your favourite Hawaiian shirt you no longer wear. We love them all.

All our production runs are super limited so you're almost guaranteed to never come across another chump wearing the same Offcut as you.

Offcut was founded in 2015. For media interviews, feedback, or to work with us as a fabric supplier, please contact us

All Offcut caps are handmade in New Zealand.