Calling it a Day on Trump Forest

Calling it a Day on Trump Forest

Posted by Adrien Taylor on

1,409,857 trees.

$184,839.43 US dollars invested.

3750 backers.

Two and a bit years of Trump Forest. 

Those are stats we’d never imagined possible when we — Jeff, Dan and Adrien — launched Trump Forest in March 2017 to help offset climate ignorance. We were driven by outrage and immense frustration that the elected leader of the free world denies — or fails to understand — the most fundamental science in safeguarding life as we know it. Today, we’re sad to say that our outrage and frustration towards his climate policy lives on, but Trump Forest is winding up. 



After thousands of unpaid hours, hundreds of late nights, and countless moments of hope which has made everything worth it, we’ve decided to close Trump Forest. From today, we’re no longer accepting donations. will stay live for at least another year, but we’re kindly asking that all of you redirect your tree-planting generosity directly to our partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, which has diligently planted the vast majority of Trump Forest trees in Madagascar over the past two years.

But of course the 1,409,857 trees you pledged remain standing in defiance of ignorance. And what a great collective achievement it’s been!


Despite no longer pushing news coverage or marketing for many months, we’re continuing to receive hundreds of dollars of contributions every month. So why close Trump Forest? Well, unfortunately, this project has become a bit of a beast to manage. To ensure 100% of your donations go directly into planting trees, Trump Forest costs us countless amounts of unpaid time, and a reasonable amount of cash to manage and upkeep. We’ve gotten to the point that we can no longer sustain it in a way which does the project justice. 



Most importantly though, we feel that Trump Forest has gained all the news traction we can get for it, and so we think that focusing our attention into a new project will be a much better use of our time. So, rest assured that we’re not bowing out of the climate action fight: quite the opposite. We’re working on the next version of Trump Forest right now with the aim of launching it later this year, and the goal is that it will be far bigger and better than Trump Forest. 

Trump Forest, and your support for it, has given us a tremendous deal of hope in a world where it sometimes feels like there’s little to be hopeful about.

To make our next project a success, we’ll need your advice and support. If you’re happy for us to keep in touch with you later in the year, please stay subscribed to this list. If not, please unsubscribe below. Either way, thank you so very much, once again, for your support and making Trump Forest the success it was.

So, it’s with a great deal of pride and gratitude that we’re signing off… for now!


Jeff, Dan, and Adrien.

P.S — you can always reach us at and we’d love to hear any ideas you might have for our next climate awareness project.

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  • Thank you for everything, can’t wait to see what you do next!

    O'Neal Turner on
  • Looking forward to backing your next big idea and sharing it with others… Keep persevering!

    Tamara Lisa Roesel on
  • This post does not mention what type of trees are being planted – I certainly hope that they are predominantly hardwoods with a small percentage of softwoods? Also can you create RIBBON woodland across America etc. so that they can be SAFE HAVEN strips for wildlife to be able to move safely. Certain this is better than blocks of forest.

    Richard Fiennes on

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