Our Way


What if you could make the world's sickest lids without using anything new? That's the question that drives our design and manufacturing process at Offcut. In fact, what if you could produce them not only without costing the planet, but by actually having a positive impact? That's the ultimate goal.

"In the fashion industry, 10-20% of all fabric ends up as offcuts in landfill."

Every year, millions of tonnes of fabric end up in landfill. In New Zealand alone, fabric waste is the equivalent of every single New Zealander throwing away 150 teeshirts each, every single year. In the fashion industry, 10-20% of all fabric ends up as offcuts in landfill. That's brand new fabric which is cut and thrown away. That's what we use to make our hats. 

A tree is planted with every Offcut product sold.


Climate change is the biggest threat to human health we face. To help offset some of our carbon emissions in manufacturing and shipping your Offcut products, we plant a tree with every product sold. We do this through our friends at Eden Reforestation Projects, a registered American charity. Eden Projects plants mangroves in Madagascar on your behalf (so you don't have to get your fingers dirty). You can read more about the amazing work they do here.


All Offcut products are guaranteed for life.