The Story


Our goal at Offcut is to put ourselves out of business. That's what we're working towards. More on that soon, but first, a little history...

The Offcut story starts in 2015, when Adrien went to his father's curtain warehouse in the South Island town of Christchurch, New Zealand. He'd been many times throughout his life and remembers playing in the scrap fabric bins with his sisters as a kid. This time though, a thought crossed his mind when he saw a room full of scraps, samples, and offcut fabrics. 

"Dad, what do you do with all these bits of leftover fabrics?" he asked. His old man told him they threw most of them out to landfill. Adrien thought that was crazy so took those offcuts and started a business with his friend, Matt Purcell, turning scraps into hats. 

"Adrien thought that was crazy so took those offcuts and started a business."

Offcut Co-CEOs Adrien Taylor and Dan Price.

Fast forward a few years and the business model hasn't changed at all. With Adrien (an environmental journalist) and Dan Price (a climate scientist) at the helm, our team now works with companies around the world who have textile remnants destined for landfill. We turn that brand new fabric into limited-run hats which we release to our members first in monthly drops. 

We believe in using business as a tool for positive social and environmental change: whether it's preventing brand new resources from ending up in landfill, crowdsourcing a forest of more than a million trees to combat climate ignorance, or standing up for issues we believe in. To us, Offcut is a platform we can use to amplify our voice and inspire others to rethink what we so needlessly call "waste."

"Offcut is a platform we can use to amplify our voice."
10-20% of the world's fashion fabric ends up in landfill before it's even used.


We're not going to change the world by making hats... and we're not trying to. What we're trying to do is make people realise that the first step in reducing human over-consumption is to make use of the resources we've already invested in making. In fashion, that means using the 10-20% of brand new fabric which ends up in landfill as offcuts. What does it mean in your industry?

"We're not going to change the world by making hats... and we're not trying to."

Eventually, if we succeed in our goal of inspiring every industry to use 100% of their by-products, we will — by the very nature of our business model — have put ourselves out of business. Please help us get there by looking at inefficiencies in your industry and in your day-to-day life. Pledge allegiance to our global war on waste and, together, we can reduce the damage we're doing to the only home we have: Earth.