Christmas Orders and Deadlines

Posted by Adrien Taylor on

Hi folks! 

We're sure many of you are super keen to get your orders by Christmas, and we're doing everything we can to ensure that happens.

Unfortunately though, when your order leaves Offcut HQ, it is totally out of our control. Couriers can be a bit of a dark art and they are totally slammed at this time of year. 

Anyways, we've checked with our couriers and have been told they are working to a 3-5 day delivery timeframe within New Zealand at the moment. So, if you're in New Zealand and order on or before December 16th, you should receive your order in time. 

We're not too sure what the delivery timeframe for Australia and the rest of the world is right at the moment. Australia could be anywhere between 1-2 weeks, we think. So there's a small chance your order would arrive before Christmas, but no guarantee. As for the rest of the world, we think there's virtually no chance orders will arrive by Christmas - sorry guys. 

That's all the information we have, team. Please be clear that we make absolutely no guarantee about the delivery timeframes of any order so it's your decision to make if you're buying for Christmas. All we can guarantee is that we'll get the orders out super quick from Offcut HQ and send you the tracking codes so you can see how they move!

Much love from Offcut HQ in NZ.

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